Technical Art of Architecture

Thought for the day

People say "Whatever floats your boat" meaning "Whatever you like" but realistically the only thing that floats your boat is a body of water.

Our Purpose

We are a consultancy that helps medium and large enterprise businesses engineer solutions to problems they've yet to realize they have. We do planning, technical solutions, regulatory filings, including everything from the design phase to filing forms, to ensuring technical compliance. We partner with nationally-known law firms so when something need a lawyer we bring a team of experienced ones to the table to help you.

Our Belief in Your Privacy

We are uncompromising in our support of operational security (OPSEC). We harden every system we configure. We ensure that failure is an option we consider, and that failures are handled in a fail-secure way, not a fail-safe way.
Even our website is structured to emit nothing but this. You're here because you heard about us. Because of that you also know how to contact us. That eliminates an online "Contact us" page and form, a shop for our merchandise/swag, and testimonials or logos or affiliations that would not change your mind about hiring us, but would add to information leakage.

What we do

We build from the ground up. We build resiliancy, redundancy, system monitoring, operational control, and we provide process, procedures, and a documentation "book" to ensure what we build for you is no secret to you. We also offer a recurring checkup to ensure the documentation is still valid and current, and briefing of senior management and staff to ensure buy-in. We are strong fans of transparency and inclusion of all relevant stakeholders.

Whom we serve

We serve large and medium enterprise customers. If an organization has its own in-house IT department with at least three full time employees that's whom we work with. Nonprofit charity organizations with less than ten percent service fees are welcome at greatly reduced rates. We expressly decline to provide service to organizations that don't follow Arizona and US contract laws. That includes governmental organizations, non-US entities, political campaign corporations, foreign nations, and anyone with a substantive connection to any of those.

Short FAQ

Rates: Market rates for exception-beating service or exceeding all expectations without excuses. The more novel and interesting the project, the better the rate. We work with lawyers but not for lawyers, and we don't finance our work product.
Contact: You got here. You have contact information.
Consultation: Your initial telephone or video consultation is free.
Questions: Ask away. You have our contact information.